Interface for a distributed sound installation (2022)
Coupled Data Intercomparison Extended Reality Roller Coaster Ride along and experience real datasets (2021)
A warming globe A warming globe visualization based on climate model data (2021)
COVID 19, CO2 & CO * A Timeline
A dashbord and animated timeseries of Coronoavirus outbreaks, CO2, oil price and the Dow Jones (2020)
Wheel of Time
An in-app visualization component for historical events in React and D3.js for MAMUZ (2019)

A World Cup in Charts

Football match statistics and country head-to-head on environmental data for the World Cup (2018)
A concave globe experiment in WebVR inspired by the Mapparium in Boston and the climate crisis (2019)
A block based IDE for creating embroidery patterns and vector graphics on the web (2018+)
Human Flows
Global migration flows in force-directed graphs (2017)